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The industry’s most advanced readers now come with a standard 3 year warranty!

Debit Card Readers that facilitate cashless payments are at the heart of the Embed system.

They create a fantastic experience for guests, and provide operators with an arsenal of tools to manage operating costs and daily operations.


Our card readers also come standard with built-in marketing opportunities such as VIP rewards programs for your most valuable guests, and Embed is the only card system that allows you to offer guests paper or electronic tickets. Contact us to see which model is right for your venue. 

smartTOUCH™ Swipe 

The obvious evolution for our classic debit card reader. It provides guests with the familiar experience but packs in all the new smartTouch features.

It’s a sure fire home run!

smartTOUCH™ Tap

Our dedicated Playwave® contactless reader allows guests of any age or ability easy access to games and attractions.

Tap your card or wristband over the screen for instant access to fun, every time.

Are you ready to be more profitable? 

We would love to show you how Embed’s debit card readers can help your business make more money, reduce operating costs and create more rewarding guest experiences.

Embed Transforms Your Family Entertainment Guest Experience

Drive Revenue in Creative Ways with SALES

The concept of package deals and upselling was pioneered by the fast food industry, and Embed brought that same leading sales strategy to the entertainment space. With 20 years of continuous development, our fixed and mobile SALES units are geared to promote great value offers to individuals, families and groups through packages, upselling, bounce-back offers and time based “guarantees of fun”.

Improve Redemption Service with PRIZES

A visit to your redemption center is typically the last stop for most guests and families visiting your facility. It’s your closing opportunity to impress with an exciting selection of prizes and great customer service, increasing the chances they’ll share their visit on social media and come back soon.

PRIZES is available as a standalone application own or as part of TOOLKIT.

Improve Your Bottom Line through REPORTS

Having access to real-time, up to the minute information allows you to make more informed business decisions. This can help you reduce operating costs, which translates to your bottom line.

Export reports to Excel, PDF or have them automated and emailed to you.

Control your full TOOLKIT Suite with GURU

Simply manage all the back of house functions and configurations for your TOOLKIT suite through GURU. With user management, inventory receipts and orders, flexible pricing changes, and guided setup of the powerful POS products for SALES, you have full control of your system in one place.

Its clean and logical user interface takes the difficulty out of day to day operations.

Are you ready to be more profitable? 

We would love to show you how using Embed’s smartTouch with TOOLKIT can supercharge your business success.

The industry leading, low cost debit card solution for your unattended game room.


EmONE is a self-contained, self-install system that has a history of dramatically increasing revenues. Offer ticket games in your unattended facilities with great value card deals and offers, suggestive upselling and support for 3rd party self service redemption!

5 Ways EMONE Self-Contained Card System makes arcades more profitable.


1. Self-contained, self-installed, guest self-service card system.


2. Reliable top of the line hardware proven to reduce service call-outs.


3. Increases revenue with Embed’s pricing and promotional tools.


4. Generates automated reports when and where you need them.


5.Includes Embed System Protection (ESP), avoiding downtime!

“We’ve had a 75% reduction in service costs since installing Embed’s reliable self-service EMONE system.”

Bob Davis - General Manager

Shaffer Distributing

Meet smartTOUCH™- Embed’s Premium Card Readers

Supercharge Your Entertainment Centre with the

Most Advanced Combination in the Industry.

TOOLKIT is a set of resources built to work alongside your Embed Debit Card System to streamline operations and reduce costs, making your business more profitable. From the industry leading redemption management application PRIZES to point of sale system, aptly named SALES, its simple and clean interface is intuitive and easy to master for you and your key team members.

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